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Firm Tofu Production Line
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This tofu equipment manufactured in China presses and moulds tofu by using the high-pressure air supplied from air pumps to drive the plunger in the cylinder. The invariable and even air pressing pressure ensures the unification of tofu specs. With high production efficiency and the high output of 230 kilograms per hour, this tofu machine can efficiently save the labor cost. Sets of the tofu equipment can be increased or decreased to meet different requirements of our customers.

Four Cylinder Pneumatic Presser (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 2300×1600×1650
Weight /capacity: 296kg
Output: 230kg/hr 23plates/hr

The four cylinder type firm tofu presser molding framework is the necessary equipment of firm tofu production line, it includes stainless steel molding framework inner-radius and plastic molding framework inner-radius, and it can mould 10 kilograms soybean curds per time with easy operation.

(Tofu Equipment) Four Cylinder Tofu Pressing Mold
Size: 490×420×130(stainless steel molding framework inner-radius)/500×450×80(plastic molding framework inner-radius)
Output: 10kg/mold

This firm tofu head framework is an important equipped machine of firm tofu presser. It's mainly used to produce firm tofu after the presser molds in the firm tofu production line.

This tofu production equipment manufactured in China is available for large firm tofu production line. This tofu equipment can produce firm tofu of excellent molding and stable quality. This tofu equipment applies pneumatic and electric control with flexible actions, it's also convenient to use and maintain. In addition, the reasonable design, fine works, high-quality stainless steel materials and fittings all made the machines solid and durable, thus you can take ease to use.

15-cylinder Firm Tofu Continuous Presser
Size: 10970×1150×1660
Power: 0.75kw
Weight /capacity: 1700kg
Output: 900kg/hr

This 15-cylinder firm tofu presser molding framework includes stainless steel molding framework inner-radius and plastic molding framework inner-radius. Being cooperated with firm tofu continuous presser, it is the excellent soybean curd equipment of firm tofu production line.

15-cylinder Firm Tofu Presser Molding Framework (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 650×340×190(stainless steel molding framework inner radius)/660×375×80(plastic molding framework inner radius)
Output: 10kg/mold

Firm tofu continuous pressers are used in the firm tofu production line for continuous pressing procedure and it's made of stainless steel. Put the Tofu drawers that are splashed and packed on the transmission belt, then this tofu machine will press and mold the tofu by the continuous pressure generated by driving of gears. The average and invariable pressure will be benefit to the solidification of tofu and output ratio. It applies fix quantity limited techniques thus produces the qualified and well-taste soybean curd, furthermore, it has a larger output of 1000 kilograms per hour which greatly saves the labor work. We are sure that this tofu equipment manufactured in China will greatly satisfy you.

Firm Tofu Continuous Presser (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 12200×1000×1650
Power: 1.5kws
Output: 1000kgs/hr

This tofu maker manufactured in China is the assistant equipment of firm tofu production line, it's used with firm tofu continuous presser, and this machine can produce 21kilograms per layer with large output and convenient usage.

Plastic box for Firm tofu cooling transporter is the equipment specialized in cooling and transporting in firm tofu production line. It has many features such as the following: simple structure, convenient usage, small volume and stable capability.

Firm Tofu Cooling Transporter (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 4500×1300×700
Power: 0.74kw

Packing Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Japanese tofu production line is an advanced soybean food machine. The plastic-box packing machine is used to fill the lactone soymilk into each box evenly through four-current valves, then pass the liquid-supplement and foam-filtering procedures and eventually cover the plastic film over the boxes. During transportation procedure the film will be conglutinated to the box entities at the heat sealing joint, then it will be transferred into the revolving boxes after being cut off and washed. The stepless regulation can adjust the sealing speed according to the output requirements, which can be of convenience. With the high sealing qualities and low sealing miss properties, this soybean curd machine can attain a passing ratio of 98%.

Plastic Box Packing Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 3200×880×1760
Power: 4kws
Weight /capacity: 700kgs
Output: 2000box/hour
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