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Automatic Firm Tofu Production Line
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Automatic firm tofu production line features its special design, beautiful appearance and high automatic degree. This tofu machine applies automatic programmable controller which can not only efficiently save labor force and reduce the working intensity but also make the operation simple.

Characteristics of Automatic Firm Tofu machine
1.Adopt man-computer communication mode, mutual-answering screen operation that, the firm tofu machine is easy to operate and command.
2. Automatic filling and measuring of soymilk
3.Automatic filling and measuring of coagulating reagent
4.Adjust the coagulating time according to the requirements.
5. The soymilk can flow into the molding box after coagulation then transfer to the press procedure through the conveyer belt automatically.
6. Save large ranges of labor forces.
7. Lighten the man-made pollution.
8. Stable solidification quality, and be easy to control.
9. The automatic firm tofu machine can realize industrialized batch production.

Automatic Rotary Coagulant Adding and Solidification Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 2400×1300×2400
Power: 3kw
Output: 45-68bar/hr

This soybean food equipment applies programmable controller and it can realize the full-automatic operation. This bean curd machine is mainly used for pressing and moulding of soybean curd, and then it will transfer the molding tofu to automatic cutting and packing procedure.

Characteristics of Bean Curd Machine
1.Compact design, little coverage, and high output.
Automatically elevate the preparative press molding framework to the top
2.Natural dehydration at the beginning, and then the pressure gradually increases with the pile of molding boxes.
3. Well-molding box will be automatically pushed out after pressing
4. The well pressed tofu will be transferred to the automatic cutting and packing procedure through the conveyer belt.
You can set and adjust the pressing time according to the practical requirements.

Automatic Vertical Presser (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 1800×1300×2700
Power: 3kw
Output; 15-17layer/hr
(Tofu Equipment) Automatic Cutting and Packing Machine
Size: 3300×2200×2000
Power: 1.5kw
Output: 1000piece/hr
This soybean curd machine manufactured in China adopts programmable controller which can finish the later procedures such as cutting, fetching boxes and packing and so on. The full automatic operation really saves both time and force as an ideal machine of automatic firm tofu production line.
-Adopts man-computer conversation mode, mutual-answering screen operation, which makes it easy to operate and control.
-Realize the full automatic cutting, fetching and packing of the whole production procedures.
- This soybean curd machine cuts and packed the pressed soybean curd according to the specs automatically. And it can use the automatic adjustable conveyer belt to drive the auto-cutting-packing and sealing machine, finally transfer the packing box into the framework of sealing machine.
- This soybean curd machine can greatly save labor force
-This soybean curd machine can lighten the man-made pollution and improve the working conditions
- This soybean curd machine can realize the industrialized batch soybean food production

This soybean food equipment is used to fill the soymilk after being lactonized into each box evenly by four-current valves, then through the liquid-supplement and foam-filtering procedures and eventually paste the plastic film over the boxes. During transportation procedure the film will be conglutinated to the box entities at the heat sealing joint, then it will be transferred into the revolving boxes after being cut off and washed. The stepless regulation can adjust the sealing speed according to the output requirements, which can be of convenience. This machine features the stable transmission, light vibration and high working efficiency. So this tofu equipment manufactured by us in China is really the ideal equipment of automatic firm tofu production line.

Plastic Box Packing Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 3200×880×1760
Power: 4kw
Weight/capacity: 700kg
Output: 2000box/hr

Plastic box packing is the last but not the least procedure of automatic firm tofu production line. The plastic box packing has a capacity of 700 kilos while packing 2000 boxes per hour, in addition, as a professional tofu equipments manufacturer in China, we have several kinds and various packing boxes for your choice to ensure your soybean food looks more attractive and unique.

Several kinds of plastic box are available for you to ship your Tofu Equipment.

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