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Tofu Skin Production Line

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Tofu Skin Production Line
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Tofu Skin Evaporator (Tofu Equipment)
Tofu skins are rich of proteins and several kinds of aminophenol that people needs, and also include abundant micro elements and vitamin B series. Long time eating can prolong the life-span, strengthen the health and beautified the skins. We introduce the advanced techniques of automatic tofu skin production line, with the full automatic production it can help to reduce labor force, thus decreasing the production cost. High-quality materials make it durable, easy to use and keep stable. It's really the ideal tofu equipment with a large output of 5 pieces per minute.

Automatic Tofu Skin Production Line (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 25000×1075×932
Power: 0.73kw
Weight/capacity: 25g/piece(600×400)
Output: 5pieces/min
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