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Japanese Tofu Production Line
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Japanese tofu production line is advanced tofu equipment. The plastic-box packing machine is used to fill the lactone soymilk into each box evenly through four-current valves, then pass the liquid-supplement and foam-filtering procedures and eventually cover the plastic film over the boxes. During transportation procedure the film will be conglutinated to the box entities at the heat sealing joint, then it will be transferred into the revolving boxes after being cut off and washed. The stepless regulation can adjust the sealing speed according to the output requirements, which can be of convenience. With the high sealing qualities and low sealing miss properties, it attains a passing ratio of 98%. This tofu equipment that we make in China will greatly satisfy you.

Plastic-box Packing Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 3200×880×1760
Power: 4kws
Weight/capacity: 700kg

This tofu machine plays an important role during the initial period of Japanese tofu production. Only lowering the temperature of the hot soymilk to the scope of 25-30°can it guarantee the lactone quality. The plate exchanger has two set pipes respectively for cold water and cooked soymilk; they separately flow in different pipes and exchange the heat through the pipe walls. This tofu machine also features high interchange ratio, convenience and flexibility; meanwhile, customers can determine the heat-interchange area according to the output.

Plate Heat Exchanger (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 600×470×1420/680×550×1700
Weight /capacity: 321/400kg
Output: 0-10tons of soymilk/hr

Being used for curding during the prophase of Japanese tofu, the lactone barrel is necessary equipment of Japanese tofu production line. It applies Zhangjiagang 1Cr18Ni9,δ2 stainless steel, which is solid and durable with stable capabilities . The base applies rolling press techniques and the arc transits without dead angles, all of these features make this soybean curd machine convenient to clean and sterilize. The quick flat connecter at the base is easy to bleed soymilk out of channel.

Lactone Barrel (Tofu Equipment)
Size: diameter 626×640
Weight/capacity: 170 tons of soymilk(capacity)

Pasteurizing Machine (Tofu Equipment)
This tofu equipment is used in Japanese tofu production line for heat molding and pasteurizing of box-filled lactone tofu that has been sealed. It's made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel and between two layers there are special heat preservation materials which can ensure the good capability of machines. A steam pipe equipped in the tank that used to heating can generate a temperature ranging of 80-85℃.So the lactone soybean curd molds stably. Furthermore, the inner layers of tanks have high heat preservation abilities which help lower steam-consumption. Application methods are flexible and you can adopt single-double line mode or single-double layer mode, transmission mode of automatic or manual.

Pasteurizing Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 13000×2200×2500
Power: 6.5kws
Output: 0-6000 box/hr

The milk pump is one series of soybean curd machines to transfer the raw or cooked soymilk that can not self-flow by falls to next working procedure through the channel. This tofu machine is mainly used in transportation of cooked soymilk to lactone production line or multi-grinding procedures. This tofu equipment manufactured in China has achieved the sanitation standards and the sealed channel transportation can ensure the continuous supply thus increasing the production efficiency. This Japanese tofu production line has a full range of specs so customers can choose according to practical needs.

Milk Pump (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 380/530/650×350/400/490×260/320/330
Power: 0.75/1.5/2.2/3/4kw
Output: 3,5,10,15,20tons
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