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Silken Tofu / Soft Tofu Production Line
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Soft soybean curd tastes tender and delicious, and is of high quality so it's really the first choice for health food. Soft tofu production line is the advanced tofu equipment, and the water tofu automatic soymilk flowing machine is among the important equipment of silken tofu production line. Furthermore, with the reasonable design, high-quality materials, easy operation and high auto degree, this tofu equipment we manufactured in China can really save the labor and improve the production efficiency.

(Tofu Equipment) Soft Soybean Curd Automatic Soymilk Flowing Machine
Size: 1500×980×2200
Power: 0.75kw
Weight/capacity; 500kg
Output: 0-2000kg/hr

Soft Soybean Curd Automatic Soymilk Flowing Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Soft soybean curd molds are a kind of tofu equipment in soft tofu production line which can be used to mold and fill, each layer can hold nearly about 20kilos soft tofu, it is convenient to use, furthermore, this tofu equipment manufactured by us in China has a simple structure and attractive appearance, and there are several frameworks of different colors for your choice.

(Tofu Equipment) Soft tofu molds
Size: 333×333×94(framework inner radius)
Weight/capacity: 20 kilograms water tofu per box
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